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Cycle Analysis for Trading for Stocks and Commodities

The DOCument is a trader's journal focusing on analysis of stock and commodity markets from the standpoints of cycle analysis (for technical trade triggers) and macroeconomics (for a fundamental backdrop). Specifically, the Member Letter combines basic cycle trading techniques with proprietary technical and cycle analysis methodologies in order to determine trend changes and generate trade signals.

The Member Letter is published nightly and includes updated analysis of the current cycle views on gold, oil, the dollar, and the stock market, as well as any trades opened or closed for the day. Cycle views are also frequently updated for other commodities, including sugar, cotton, copper, and coffee. More Member Benefits.

Macroeconomic Blog

Green Dot Corporation
September 29, 2014

Green Dot Corporation (GDOT) came up on a technical stock scan over the weekend, and after perusing their financials, I have decided to add a long position to the TrendBands Fund. Obviously, I am not performing the same depth of research as I would when managing real money, but I do like

My Gold Trade
September 23, 2014

Back in July, when many gold bugs were still declaring the return of gold's bull market, the yellow metal delivered a rather clear signal that more downside would arrive. A key indicator used by those of us who trade cycles is the failed daily cycle. A failed daily cycle indicates a weekly cycle in decline, and so a trader can

Cycle Trading Newsletter

Oil Cycle Receives Confirmation
September 29, 2014

Finally, one of our cycles has delivered a material signal. Oil closed above its daily LowerBand today, confirming the presence of a new daily cycle and therefore a new intermediate cycle

The Dollar's Fervent Phase
September 28, 2014

Something has got to give soon with regard to the daily cycle for gold and the dollar. Gold once again has a swing low in place, but if the swing fails to hold, gold will face a cycle count in the 40s. Meanwhile, the dollar has now extended its new daily cycle rally to Day 8, the limit of

"Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws."
- Mayer Amschel Rothschild

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