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April 24, 2010

Charter Membership

Well folks, it's been almost a year since I left U.S. soil, so it's about time for me to skip town again. I'm heading to a friend's wedding in Londrina, Brazil next week and will be absent from service until May 10. The good news is that I'm not going to leave you without reading material. Since late last year, I have been building a membership section for The DOCument which includes a more detailed newsletter, a look at the Docfolio, case studies, and other membership benefits. In fact, the newsletter now has a nearly 3-month history which a small group of friends and family have helped review. Their feedback has contributed greatly to what I think is a much more valuable service than a simple public blog.

As I finish building out some content and put the final touches on an automated membership system, I have decided to offer charter memberships at a deep discount in order to give readers a opportunity to peruse the new service and the newsletter history. For twenty bucks, charter members will receive 2 months of access. Furthermore, any charter member who renews for a full year may put the $20 charter fee toward the renewal fee! Subscribing is very easy.

While I won't be posting to the public blog during my trip, I will update the subscriber newsletter as conditions merit and opportunities allow. See you all in May!


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