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January 23, 2015

Gold Bull Market Looks to Return

Cycle setups are pointing toward a major trend change for gold and precious metals. Last week, gold managed to complete a duo of important, weekly trend indications, topping its upper TrendBand as well as the 80WMA.

During bullish cycles, gold tends to accelerate into peaks, and so I see a strong chance for price to surge to the $1400 area as the next daily cycle takes gold into a weekly cycle peak.

Gold has also moved above the 80WMA for the first time since late 2012. The importance of this moving average is demonstrated by the crawl beneath the 80WMA just before gold crashed in the spring of 2013.

These indications are not predictions, only probabilistic interpretations, and while I am long gold and intend to buy more into the next daily cycle, the next level of confirmation can only be derived from the behavior of price during the decline into the next weekly cycle low. This action, as well as my trades, will be tracked in the Member Letter.


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