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January 1, 2012

Mini-Trial Membership Offer

As 2012 kicks off, the world faces deeper recessions in Europe and Asia, inflationary pressures from ongoing currency wars, geopolitical unrest focused on the Middle East, and a heated battle for the White House. The confluence of these events on markets is likely to produce a tumultuous environment for markets, especially for those without solid tools to help filter out all the noise and focus on trends.

The cycle analysis discussed in my Member Letter has helped me capitalize on trending markets through the use of indicators aimed at gauging market psychology within the context of historical market tendencies. My current interpretation suggests that commodities, including precious metals, left behind major lows in December and that the U.S. dollar is poised to embark on its most devastating loss of purchasing power since the 1970s and perhaps in its 220-year history.

The next 2-3 years are likely to host a surge of inflation as the world learns exactly how much destruction has been wrought by the malfeasant policies of our central bank and spendthrift politicians. The DOCument offers an analysis of cycles and other technical studies with the intention of capitalizing on trending markets, particularly in relation to gold, oil, the S&P 500, and the U.S. dollar. Furthermore, each nightly letter includes an open forum so Members can benefit from the knowledge of an experienced community and openly debate the merits of the analysis offered in the letter, as well as discuss ideas offered by other Members.

My current analysis suggests that mining shares will be one of the best asset classes to own in 2012. Several technical and relative valuation indicators I follow show these shares to be nearly as inexpensive as they were after the 2008 liquidation event... a point which lead to a 350% rally over the next two years. Commodities have also completed a 9-month consolidation process and are poised to rally well past their 2011 peaks... a point which lead to unfortunate consequences with regard to civil unrest... and potentially past their 2008 peaks... a point which contributed to an accelerated meltdown in global economies.

As mentioned above, one of the prime benefits of his newsletter rests in the experience and professionalism of its subscriber base. The DOCument's Member Area tends to enjoy courteous and intellectual discussions rather than the petty repartee seen in the public blog space. I would like to grow this community for the benefit of all Members, and so for the month of January, I will be offering a Mini-Trial subscription to encourage more folks to give this letter a test drive.

The Mini-Trial will cost $10 for a 1-week Membership (5 letters). As with all other Membership levels, the Mini-Trial will offer full access to the site, including the entire archive of letters, the ability to post comments, as well as access to the Techniques and Docfolio pages. For a full description of Member benefits, please visit the Members page. To sign up for a Mini-Trial, please click the Paypal icon below.

1 Week for $10
Offer Expires January 31, 2012


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