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February 18, 2015

Money Is Time

Time is not money, contrary to popular belief. However, money is time. The equation is not reflexive, and the explanation of the difference contains a bit of a philosophical note. You see, a person can always make more money, but can never make more time. Time, once spent, is gone. Forever. Time is precious and should be managed to a greater degree than money. However, the focus in modern life is usually the wrong way around.

Money, on the other hand can be spent and then earned again. With an ongoing need for money to survive, people are constantly sacrificing their time in financial pursuits. But to break this habit... to become financially independent... is to gain freedom. To be released from the ongoing need to pursue money is to gain the privilege of spending your time the way you choose.

Money is time, and beyond core living expenses should be pursued solely for the purpose of improving the quality of one's time. In fact, to use money to acquire objects for the sake of ownership is to corrupt one's time. Using money in this manner not only risks financial freedom, but requires the further use of time... and often money... to care for the object. This further use of time is a grave cost.

Ultimately, money is but a another tool, and time is your only true possession.


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