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September 8, 2014

Site Renovation

A long overdue renovation to The DOCument web site is on the way. The site's look & feel has not changed in any major way since I first began publishing the public stock market blog 10 years ago. After the Member Letter was added nearly five years ago, a few technical changes were made, but the look remained the same. The new design will preserve the flow with which everyone is accustomed, but will hopefully erase the stale feeling that 10 years can generate. Here's a sneak peak:

You may notice the new sectional link called the TrendBands Fund. The fund is a concept I put together to forward-test a system for trading stocks using my proprietary TrendBands indicator. I will provide more details on this project around the time we launch the new site.

A large number of you have been regular readers since the first launch of this site. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first decade with you and look forward to the adventures of the second.


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