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Deric Cadora The author of The DOCument is Deric O. Cadora. My initials are DOC, hence The DOCument. I am General Partner of Torchwood Capital Management, LLC, an Atlanta-based CTA trading index futures based on a proprietary algorithm.

Prior to Torchwood, I worked as a discretionary trader for Citigroup and then as a full-time, independent trader. During my independent years, I refined my trading methodology, integrating the study of market cycles into my analysis. A unified trend methodology then emerged when I complemented cycle analysis with a statistical trend system which evolved into my TrendBandsTM indicator. TrendBands delivered a tool for early recognition of changes in cycle states, as well as an objective safety net against error in overall analysis.

While not used for day-to-day trade decisions, political and economic commentary are occasionally included for the purpose of understanding the macroeconomic backdrop supporting longer-term trends. I consider myself very fortunate to have studied economics under Dr. William Schaffer at Georgia Tech. Although Austrian economics is sadly not part of many mainstream curriculum, Dr. Schaffer was at least wise enough to make students aware of its existence. Anyone with common sense who studies both economic theory and empirical evidence comparing Keynesian and Austrian school theories will adopt an Austrian-style approach to analysis.

This newsletter is also an integral part of my analytical process. Formalizing a framework of expectations each trading day for the scrutiny of Members necessitates a rigid adherence to methodological practice. Writing the newsletter is also just plain fun! Members have access to case studies, a weekly big picture update, a summary of my holdings (known as the Docfolio), a techniques section which summarizes my methodology, the Member Roll, showing profiles of Members who wish to provide such info, and the ability to interact with other Members via a comments feature attached to each letter.

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