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The Member Letter is published nightly and includes updated analysis of the current cycle views on gold, oil, the dollar, and the stock market, as well as any trades opened or closed for the day. Cycle views are also frequently updated for other commodities, including sugar, cotton, copper, and coffee. More Member Benefits.

February 8, 2015
Grand Finale Part I

Gold finally took the dive toward the 150DMA we have been awaiting, and as the yellow metal tagged that level, I added to my gold long, as planned. This important moving average, however, did not provide the strong support that was anticipated. Gold closed about... More...

February 8, 2015
Grand Finale Part II

Let's have a run through of all our weekly commodity setups... More...

February 5, 2015
Oil Proves To Be Slippery

Today's market was insanely frustrating. I picked an excellent spot to enter an oil long and then did not get rewarded for my prudence as my stop was run just before a huge rise. My only post-mortem comment on this trade is... More...

February 4, 2015
Docfolio Gets Oiled Up

I've got nothing new to note about stocks or gold, so just a quick note about my oil purchase today. According to our 4-hour model, oil's trend is now up. Pull-backs are to be bought, and today's drop offers... More...

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