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The DOCument recommends the following investment-related sites, containing information on the stock market, commodities, technical analysis, economics, and precious metals.

The Smart Money Tracker
Gary Savage is a voice of reason among the market blogging community. He is one of the few blogging traders who views the market with a matter-of-fact attitude rather than trying to get readers excited about small fluctuations.

Smart Volume Tracker
Using custom parameters on various volume studies, along with experience and common sense, the smart volume tracker follows the footprints left by institutional traders in order to set up high-probability trades in precious metals, mining shares, the dollar, and stocks.

Seeking Alpha
Seeking Alpha conglomerates articles from money managers and bloggers to create a large sphere of material about trading stocks and commodities.

SentimenTrader is the industry's pre-eminent source for sentiment readings on stocks and commodities, and is an invaluable tool in the analysis presented in The DOCument's Member letter.

Wall Street Warrior
Trader Jamie is a disciplined technical trader with the courtesy to share his techniques on a blog. Anyone trying to learn the craft of technical trading should review and follow Jamie's blog.

Adventures in Capitalism
Written by hedge fund manager, Harris "Kuppy" Kupperman, Adventures provides entertaining anecdotes along with thoughtful views on potential explosive-growth small-cap equities. His blog is a fabulous resource for investment ideas, as well as to study the thought processes of a successful investor.

King World News
Eric King conducts focused interviews with some of the investment industry greats (in audio format).

Ludwig von Mises Institute
If you're on this site, you probably already know that Keynesian economics is rubbish. Ludwig von Mises is the greatest mind to come out of the Austrian school, and many of his writings, along with those of his piers, are available here for your benefit.

Last Updated April 23, 2010

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