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Macroeconomic Blog

June 13, 2016
Oil Cycles Suggest Higher Prices to Come

I find the psychology around this year's oil action amusing, though typical. As crude declined to sub-$30 pricing, all we heard was talk about how the decline could extend no further. Once we saw price recover the $30 mark, the banter turned to... More...

June 10, 2016
Gold Cycle Sets Up for New Rally

Gold appears to be swinging into a new weekly cycle. Recent action around its daily and weekly TrendBands show classic behavior for the decline into a cycle low and the subsequent commencement of a new cycle. Let's begin with the weekly view... More...

April 12, 2016
A Quick Peek at Cycles

A long time has passed since this blog has carried a cycle post, and as recorded in my last post, my market approach has changed significantly over that time. Apart from the fact that cycles are now just another technique rather than... More...

March 23, 2016
How My Trading Has Changed

In the year or so since I ceased publication of my Member letter, my methods of analysis and decision-making have changed significantly. These changes may, in fact, have been slower to arrive while I was... More...

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