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Before I try to sell you this newsletter, I will try to talk you out of it. This letter, being structured in the format of a trader's journal, is geared toward professional traders: those who love what they do and always take the opinions of others with degree of skepticism. If you are simply looking for a signaling service, this newsletter is not for you. While I will discuss, in detail, the conditions that will trigger a trade, I do not, and will not ever, post my trades in real-time.

The DOCument is also highly technical. My musings should be enjoyed by traders who want to learn how to follow trends using cycles or by those who want to juxtapose their own analysis against that of another professional. The concept behind this effort is to build a community of traders who share thoughts and help each other develop skills. If you are seeking a service that will do your thinking for you, this newsletter is not for you.

That said, The DOCument offers insight into a unique trading system. My methodology unifies market cycles with a proprietary, statistical trend system which helps interpret cycle configurations sooner than possible with cycle methodology alone. I also trade for a living. My income is far more dependent on how well I trade than on how well I write. So the analysis present in The DOCument is always contemplative and sincere.

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Subscribers enjoy:

More in-depth analysis
The subscriber newsletter incorporates a detailed view of daily action, including an analysis of current daily and weekly cycles on the dollar, S&P 500, gold, and oil. Weekly cycles are also analyzed for: coffee, sugar, cotton, bonds, and copper. Cycles are juxtaposed against proprietary TA methods, market psychology, history, and a macroeconomic backdrop to produce higher-probability outlooks.

More frequent posts
The Member newsletter is published evenings after most trading sessions. Annual subscribers are promised a minimum of 225 posts per year (I wrote 242 letters in 2012). All subscribers will also have access to the complete history of newsletters.

Open community
Each newsletter incorporates a Comments section enabling Members to openly discuss and critique the analysis, as well as share any trading-related ideas.

The Big Picture
The Big Picture, update weekly, provides the current state of dollar, equity, gold, and oil cycles, as well as intermittent updates for other commodities.

View of the Docfolio
Trades made during any session will be noted at the bottom of that day's Member letter. A list of current holdings for Doc's trading portfolio (the Docfolio) is also provided.

Member Roll
All Members have the option of providing a profile of themselves, including a trading bio, picture, access to social media, and a web site link.

Doc's technical analysis manual
A series of articles will reveal Doc's proprietary trading techniques as well as critique common technical analysis methods.

Case Studies
On occasion, Doc will review a key turning point in market history and present a case study describing how the use of cycles and technical analysis could help a trader navigate the setup. A complete history of the case studies is available to all subscribers.

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